If it ain’t broke, why did they “fix it?”

Beats my why Elegant Themes, developer of  the highly popular Divi Theme decided to make it more difficult to complete the simple task of adding a Favicon to a site. In the earlier iterations of Divi, prior to version 3.2+ or so, all you had to do was add your Favicon in Divi >>> Theme Options >>> General, right below the section where you add your site logo. You will notice, it’s gone.

However, do not fret, here is the new procedure. In your WordPress admin dashboard, go to Appearance >>> Customize >>> General Settings >>> Site Identity >>> Site Icon. Note, you need to upload a square image, 512 x 512 pixels is recommended, and I find the jpeg format works well.

Seems odd to me, but hey, it works. My video below will give you more details.

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