Looking to spice-up your posts? Try adding some animated videos with Plotagon. It’s easy to use, and basically, if you can type, you can do it. From Plotagon:

“Plotagon lets anyone create amazing animated videos by choosing a scene, creating and adding your own actors, writing what they say and add emotions, sound effects and music. Plotagon puts an animation studio in the palm of your hand.” Here’s a quick “demo” I created in mere minutes:

Corny, yes, but you get the idea. When creating, I found the characters sometimes have problems with their pronunciation. Complex words are better spelled phonetially. For example, my characters had issues in saying “Plotagon”. I retyped as; “plot ah gon” and the pronunciation improved. Other than this, Plotagon is an excellent tool, and fun to use.

Plotagon is free for the basic version which gives you a few characters and scenes to get you started. You can add additional characters and such for a nominal fee. Plotagon gives you social sharing options making it easy to get your creations out there. You’ll need to download Plotagon to use it, and there are apps for your desktop and/or phone.

All said, I give Plotagon both thumbs up.

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