Scoring very high on my list of website analytics tools is Piwik, who recently changed their name to Matomo. Other than the name change, Piwik/Motomo is the only completely open-source analytics platform that gives you full control over your data and more, offering:

  • Free open-source software
  • 100% data ownership
  • User privacy protection
  • User-centric insights
  • Customizable and extensible
  • Easy to use
  • No data limits

Piwik web analytics has a GPL license and the non-cloud version costs absolutely nothing. Unlike Google Analytics, your analytics data remains your own!

One big difference to most other services, however, is that Piwik’s installation is not as easy as adding a code snippet to your website. Unless you choose Piwik Cloud, you will be required to install the software on your own server. Fortunately it promises a 5-minute install, which WordPress users should be able to deal with. A Piwik WordPress plugin is also available. If you have multiple sites to track, adding all is as easy as a click or two!

What’s great about this service is that its makers respond to bugs reported by users quickly, and are completely transparent about fixing them. Closed bug tickets for every new version can be viewed in the changelog. There’s also a large community surrounding this service where new users can find help and support.


  • Customizable dashboard (including for multiple websites)
  • Goal conversion tracking
  • Site speed and page speed analysis
  • Detailed logs for individual visitors
  • Scheduled reports via email

Price: Free if hosted on your own server. Premium cloud service with 30-day free trial available.

If you’d like assistance with installation and configuration, just give me a call! I’ve been with Piwik/Matomo for over ten years!

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