Everyone knows about the RSS feed their WordPress blog throws off with a link like: http://thewordpressguy.wwwssr12.supercp.com/feed or similar. This is simply a compendium of your most recent, say ten blog posts, and not pages. But, you can create your own RSS Feed.

To do this, I have created a free account over at Repeat RSS Feed Expert, a company based in the UK. You will see in my brief video to the left, the site allows you to create an RSS feed by adding items of your choosing – including titles, text, images and links. You can also sort the order of display.


As WordPress does not display your pages in your RSS feed, curating your own feed is a plus. You may wish to add links to your pages, or perhaps links to other sites you may have or want to call attention to. You may get somewhat of an SEO boost, provided you are including links. Google does see links in the feed content and does consider these as it would any other link on your page. The primary value here, however, is extending your sites reach – more traffic does translate to higher site rankings.

A word of caution. Do not create a feed which is off topic from your site. This would affect SEO negatively as Google detects anchor text and compares it to page content. If the anchors do not match the page content/topic, they could consider those links as a reflection of poor user experience/poor quality.

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