Do you have a slow loading WordPress site? This can be due to a myriad of factors. One important aspect to check out is to get a handle on your site’s disk usage. There is a nifty, very lightweight plugin available which can be a big help!

Check out Disk Usage Sunburst by the folks at It’s available for free in the WordPress Plugin Repository. There are no settings, just install the plugin and you will find it operational in your admin>>>tools.

In my short video below, I examine my plugins to see which is using the most disk space. I’ve discovered plugins which seem to be “bloated” and can be eliminated or replaced with leaner, better alternatives.

This plugin graphically displays everything that is occupying disk space on your site. So, beyond examining only your plugins, explore! Trim the fat from your site, and it will indeed load faster!

Both thumbs up for Disk Usage Sunbburst!

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