SEO MYTH: The older your domain, the higher your Google ranking.

Regardless of what you read on many so-called SEO sites, nothing could be further from the truth. Before you rush off and pay big bucks for an “aged domain” think about this:

Firstly, Google does not access “Whois” data as it is often incomplete, misleading, or hidden altogether. Plus, “Whois” records vary by TLD and the country origin of same. Secondly, many people buy and sit on (park) domains for extended periods, often years, before developing a site. Why would Google “reward” you a higher page rank for that?

Although a very weak signal, what’s more relevant is the date Google first started “crawling” a site’s content. Best advice once you buy a domain, put up a “Coming Soon” page with a brief explanation as to what visitors can expect to find once the site goes live.

Most importantly, as summarized by Google’s Matt Cutts in the video below: It’s mostly about the quality of your content and the sort of links you get as a result of the quality of your content.”

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