Perhaps you’ve added an SSL to your site via the freebie; Let’s Encrypt. Excellent! But then you notice certain of your pages indicate they are secure, and some do not, indicating there is “mixed content” on the page. Chances are, certain of the images you are displaying on the page are using a URL with http rather than https.

Don’t panic, and do not run off looking for a plugin to correct this problem. Adding another plugin to your site adds more bloat and may do more harm than good. Troubleshoot first, and you will likely find you can easily correct this issue.

Using Google Chrome, navigate to your page that is showing as “insecure,” right click on the page and select “Inspect.” Then, look to the upper right of your screen and select the tab; “Console.” You will now see the issues to correct.

How to Correct? Watch my short video below:

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