Google To Penalize Slow Websites

by | Nov 18, 2019

Got a “slow poke” to load of a website? If Google has its way, time may be running out for you to take corrective measures to speed things up.

Remember not so way back to July 2018 when Google forced us to procure an SSL certificate or suffer the consequences of being branded by their Chrome browser as an “unsafe” site? Adding insult to injury, sites without an SSL were/are penalized in Google search as SSL’s are a ranking signal included in Google’s mysterious algorithm.

Similarly, Google is contemplating branding and penalizing slow websites. It’s unclear when this new badging system will appear in Chrome, but Google unveiled its plans at the company’s most recent Chrome Dev Summit in San Francisco.

Google is experimenting with having some type of loading screen (splash screen) or progress bar to warn Chrome users of slow websites. “We are building out speed badging in close collaboration with other teams exploring labeling the quality of site visitors experiences at Google,” explains the Chrome team. “We are being very mindful with our approach to setting the bar for what is considered a good user experience and hope to land on something that is practically achievable by all developers.”

It should be noted, page speed has been a Google ranking factor for quite some time, since 2010. While Google doesn’t say what’s a good page load speed, many suggest three seconds or less. Or, a score of 85% or greater as determined by Google’s PageSpeed Insight’s tool.


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