From the security experts, maker of WordFence, a great complementing site security and monitoring enhancement – Gravityscan. Unlike WordFence, no plugin is needed as this is SAAS. The best part – this is free! Simply signup on the Gravityscan site. There is a premium version available for a nominal monthly fee, but for now, I’m enjoying the free!

What does Gravityscan do?

  • Malware Scan
  • Vulnerability Scan
  • Check for Thousands of Back Doors
  • Comprehensive Blacklist Check
  • Content Safety

What’s more…

  • Increase Conversion Rates – Trust badge inspires confidence and improves site conversion
  • Improve Search Rankings – Monitor your content and reputation for issues that could impact SEO
  • Ransomware & Malware Monitoring – Continuous monitoring and alerting for the newest threats, as they emerge

Gravityscan provides an html “Trust Badge” you can copy and paste to your site which includes your site name with the date updated daily:

gravityscan trust badge

Here’s a short intro video from Gravityscan…

Stay safe, enjoy!

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