GOOGLE SAYS: “H2, H3 tags are a weak signal, but relevant…”

First off, what is a ‘keyword?’ As pertaining to SEO (Search Engine Optimization); A keyword is a specific term, word or phrase that is used in search engines to bring up results.’

OK, so how to use? Well, take a closer look at this very blog post. You will notice I have a post title using H1 tags and a sub-title using H3 tags. Yes, I could have used H2 tags, but for esthetic reasons I opted for H3 – this is up to you – no benefit or penalty for using H2 or H3. To my sub-title, I have included the keywords; “H2, H3 tags.”

Good enough. In the video below, John Mueller of Google explains; “These heading tags in HTML help us to understand the structure of the page.”

Although a “weak signal” within Google’s Algorithm, what the heck, every little bit helps when you’re concerned about your page ranking.

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