mickey mouse


Original image at 360K

mickey mouse


Compressed to 93.9K

Mickey Mouse


Compressed to 47.9K

Notice Any Difference?

As to quality or clarity, do you see any difference between the three images of Mickey Mouse in the slider above? Your eyes may be better than mine, but I do not. It’s the same JPEG image, however the file sizes are different due to file compression or “optimization”.

As you can see, the original Mickey image weighs in at a hefty 360K. The image as compressed, thanks to Compressor.io is reduced by 74% to 93.9K. Compressed with Photoshop, the savings are even greater resulting in a file size of 47.9K for an 87% reduction.

Why is this important? Two main reasons:

  1. The smaller the file size, the faster your page will load. Nobody likes slow loading web pages!
  2. As to SEO, Google takes image optimization very seriously in page ranking. Read more here from Google: Optimize Images

While Photoshop is the clear winner vs Compressor.io, keep in mind, Compressor.io is a free online service and does a darn good job, quickly too. Photoshop will set you back close to $240 per year in Adobe’s Creative Cloud.

Of course, if you are a client, you won’t have to worry about this. Image optimization is included with every site I build. Just Call The WordPress Guy!


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