The WP Responsive Recent Post Slider – It’s Awesome!

Looking for a truly great recent post slider? Look no further than The WordPress Responsive Recent Post Slider from the folks at OnlineSupport. I needed a slider for a client’s home page that focused primarily on post featured images and this slider filled the bill.

There are two versions available, the free which I am using here, and a premium option available through subscription plans with OnlineSupport. The free version is most generous in features, including:

  • Four design options, I’m using design #2 here.
  • Select number of posts to display.
  • Select displayed posts by category.
  • Display/hide navigation.
  • Display/hide categories.
  • Display/hide post excerpts.
  • Display/hide date.
  • Display/hide author.
  • Set slide speed.
  • Show/hide “Read More”.
  • Shortcodes, widget, and template tag available.
  • And – More!

The premium version of the plugin, which I have not tried, opens the door to 25 designs for post slider and 30 designs for carousel layout and 8 Designs for grid box post slider layout. There are demos on the OnlineSupport site, all stunning.

Two big thumbs up for this plugin! Witness its magic:


In case you’re wondering, the header image here is of the Banana Curve water slide at Aqualand Antalya Aqua Park in Antalya, Turkey. It also looks awesome:

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