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If you are using the most excellent form builder Gravity Forms on your WordPress site, as far as I am concerned, you’ve selected the best. However, if you are CSS challenged, you will likely find styling your forms a bit daunting. Changing columns, row heights, text size, backgrounds, etc. isn’t a walk in the park with Gravity Forms. Fortunately, there are add-on plugins out there which will save you time and frustration.


This plugin by IdeaBox Creations is available in the WordPress Plugin Repository for free: HERE. The requisite to using this plugin is, of course, you will need the Gravity Forms plugin. With both installed, within the customize section of your WordPress admin, you will see a new menu option; “Styler for Gravity Forms.”

Styler for Gravity Forms

You’ll find plenty of form styling options, likely more than you will use. The only drawback to this plugin, is that if you are using multiple Gravity Forms on your site, this re-styles them all the same.


The free version of this plugin by Sushil Kumar is likewise available in the WordPress Plugins Repository: HERE. It too adds a menu item to the WordPress Theme Customizer. Available styling options are a bit more robust than Styler, and bonus – you can individually style all your Gravity Forms. The free version is feature packed, but if you need more, there is a premium/paid “add-on bundle” available: HERE.


If you are using the Divi Theme from Elegant Themes, perhaps you like the styling Divi provides with its built-in Contact Form Module. If so, checkout the free plugin; “Surbma – Divi & Gravity Forms” available HERE. This plugin adapts the Divi styles to all your Gravity Forms. There are no settings, just install the plugin, activate, and have a look at your forms. Obviously, you’ll need the Divi Theme, Gravity Forms, and the Surbma plugin.


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