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Add a Favicon with the Divi Theme

If it ain't broke, why did they "fix it?" Beats my why Elegant Themes, developer of  the highly popular Divi Theme decided to make it more difficult to complete the simple task of adding a Favicon to a site. In the earlier iterations of Divi, prior to...

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Is It Safe?

Remember Laurence Olivier asking Dustin Hoffman; "is it safe," in the old movie Marathon Man? The same question can be asked of your WordPress theme; "is it safe?" If you are uncertain as to the legitimacy of a theme, its developer and source -...

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Christmas Plugins

GET YOUR SITE FESTIVE FOR CHRISTMAS: Might not be so hard to believe since the big box retailers reminded us that Christmas is right around the corner by stocking decorations after Halloween, or earlier! Anyhow, Christmas is indeed upon us with less than...

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Web Colors – Color Pickers

I remember when: OK, I'll date myself. Way back in the early days of the web, the 1990's, only a relative handful of colors could "safely" be displayed by web browsers across monitors which were only capable of displaying 256 colors. Although there is no...

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Recent Post Slider

The WP Responsive Recent Post Slider - It's Awesome! Looking for a truly great recent post slider? Look no further than The WordPress Responsive Recent Post Slider from the folks at OnlineSupport. I needed a slider for a client's home page that focused...

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Curing WordPress Bloat

TRIM THE BLOAT FROM YOUR SITE:Do you have a slow loading WordPress site? This can be due to a myriad of factors. One important aspect to check out is to get a handle on your site's disk usage. There is a nifty, very lightweight plugin available which can...

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Subdomains vs. Subdirectories

Long story short: Whichever works best for you. First off, what's the difference between a subdomain and a subdirectory? A subdomain is a "third-level domain" that’s part of the original top-level domain. Think of something like “”...

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R.I.P. Google+

Google+ is dead as of August, 2019: (CNN) For Google, a data privacy reckoning may finally come as a result of a service that it admits almost no one uses much anymore. Google said Monday, October 8 it is shutting down the long ailing social network...

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Mobile Fixed Header – Divi Theme

"How come the Divi Theme does not offer a Fixed Header for mobile?" That's a great question. If you are using the most excellent Divi Theme for WordPress by Elegant Themes, likely you have noticed there is an option to employ a "fixed header" for the...

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Adding Columns to Gravity Forms

EASIER THAN YOU THINK: Dividing your Gravity Forms with columns can be a good idea especially if your form(s) have many fields. Using columns will save a bunch of space on the page or post where your form(s) appear and will likely improve your users...

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