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PHP Code Snippets

ADD PHP CODE SNIPPETS TO YOUR SITE: PHP code "snippets" change the functionality of your site, either to the backend or front, much the same as WordPress plugins. In fact, many plugins you use are nothing more than PHP snippets. Searching for PHP snippets...

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Enjoy Instagram

THE GROWTH OF INSTAGRAM: ...has been nothing short of phenomenal. Since Facebook acquired the property some six years ago, active users has grown from 30 million to an estimated 1 billion today! According to Facebook, Instagram is currently contributing...

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Time To Migrate?

Are you sick of your current web host? I'll move your WordPress site to any new web host of your choice for a flat $75 fee. Same day service and my work is 100% satisfaction guaranteed! Get in touch today, thank you!

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Be the Next Amazon or eBay

DO IT WITH DOKAN! If you've ever dreamed of having your own "multi-vendor" site in the same vein as Amazon or eBay, well, you can! The folks over at weDevs make this simple with their Dokan plugin. Watch this short video:  

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Reading Time WP

NEED MORE EYEBALLS ON YOUR BLOG? Who doesn't. More and more, seems like people just do not want to read. Is it Chronophobia, fear caused by thinking too much time may be involved to read? Perhaps, and I have a cure for this. Take a look at the Reading Time...

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Gravityscan Shutting Down

THE "DEFIANT TEAM" ANNOUNCES: Bummer! We just sang high praise to Gravityscan via our post HERE, only to learn today Gravityscan is soon to be no longer. This note just received via email: We have some exciting news and some bittersweet news. We will jump...

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Confessions From an Amazon Failure

HOW I MADE NO MONEY WITH AMAZON: “Better to have tried and failed than to have never tried at all.” Humph. I hate failure. When I put effort behind something, I expect some level of success - a modicum of financial reward. See my post, this past August,...

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GET A SAFER WEBSITE: From the security experts, maker of WordFence, a great complementing site security and monitoring enhancement - Gravityscan. Unlike WordFence, no plugin is needed as this is SAAS. The best part - this is free! Simply signup on the...

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Square Payments for WooCommerce

SQUARE - A GREAT PAYPAL ALTERNATIVE! Do you have a WooCommerce shop setup on your site and need or want and alternative to PayPal? Consider using Square! It's free to signup and transaction costs are the same as PayPal: 2.9% + $.30 per transaction. BONUS:...

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