Over the past couple of years, ICANN (the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) has slowly released new general use TLD’s (Top Level Domains). It’s not cheap to register a new domain, the fee is currently $185,000.

Though the Internet can seem infinite, Internet real estate is not and most of the “good dot coms” are taken, leaving people struggling to create sites with simple, easy to find addresses. Enter .xyz.

Google’s parent company Alphabet uses a .xyz address: People used to be concerned their sites may lose out in search engine ranking if not associated with a .com address. I suppose Google put that notion to rest.

.xyz is a general purpose domain, suitable for any site. The .xyz domain is available through our sister company – The Site Hosting Co. and it’s currently on sale for $1.97 for the first year.

Daniel Negari, CEO, LLC

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