Q. Hey, Fred, I’m signing up for hosting for my WordPress site and it’s asking me which do I want – Linux Hosting or Windows Hosting. Which should I choose?

A. Linux.

OK, I could stop there, but this question does come up from time-to-time. Many web hosts offer both, although Windows is generally priced a bit more. Why? Linux is free, Windows is not. Linux runs 70% of webservers worldwide. Although cost is one reason to opt for a Linux based server, it’s not the primary consideration. You need three “things” for a WordPress site. A copy of WordPress, PHP, and a MySQL database. Linux is best suited for this environment. WordPress will certainly run on a Windows sever, it’s just not the best choice. WordPress will run faster (some say 20% faster) on a Linux server and it’s more secure.

Opt for Windows if you need Windows script languages; ASP, VBScript, or MSSQL to execute your site scripts. WordPress needs none of this. Also, it doesn’t matter if your computer runs on Windows, because all computers are able to communicate with Linux or Windows servers.

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