My, how time flies! It’s been less than eight years since WordPress Version 3.0 was released, but since this time, WordPress has been updated with major revisions twenty times, and of course, the current version is 4.9x. In between major updates, such as; 4.7, 4.8, 4.9, etc., each named in honor of famous jazz performers, come multiple security and bug-fix updates, so technically speaking, the most current version of WordPress is now 4.94. Version 4.95 is scheduled for a final release this April 3, 2018 featuring 23 bug-fixes and most importantly, support or PHP 7.2. (Read my post).

What’s interesting to me, is the vast percentage of WordPress users that are not using the current version 4.9x. As you can see below, it’s greater than 50%! It’s amazing some of these sites are still functioning! Perhaps they are not, or at least, they cannot be performing well and are most certainly seriously vulnerable to security breeches and hack attacks.

If you are among the guilty for not upgrading your site, I ask; Why not? Yes, there is a very good chance your site will fall apart if you attempt upgrades without a plan, and certainly backups first. But, this stresses the need to call a WordPress professional. If you need assistance:


PHONE: (619) 578-9285
EMAIL: fred@thewordpressguy.net

WordPress Versions in Use

For you history buffs, the first version of WordPress; .70, rolled out on May 27, 2003.

WordPress Versions in Use

WordPress Version:Version Link:Release Date:% In Use:
4.9Billy TiptonNovember 201746.8%
4.8William John "Bill" EvansJune 201715.3%
4.7Sarah "Sassy" VaughanDecember 201613.2%
4.6Pepper AdamsSeptember 20164.5%
4.5Coleman HawkinsApril 20163.9%
4.4Clifford BrownDecember 20153.8%
4.3Billie HolidaySeptember 20152.1%
4.2Bud PowellApril 20152.0%
4.1Dinah WashingtonDecember 20141.6%
4.0Benny GoodmanSeptember 20141.2%
3.9Jimmy SmithApril 20141.2%
3.8Charlie ParkerDecember 20130.9%
3.7Count BasieOctober 20130.3%
3.6Oscar PetersonAugust 20130.5%
3.5Elvin JonesDecember 20121.0%
3.4Grant GreenJune 20120.5%
3.3Sonny StittDecember20110.5%
3.2George GershwinJuly 20110.2%
3.1Django ReinhardtFebruary 20110.2%
3.0Thelonious MonkJune 20100.3%

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