A list of useful commands you can use with WP-CLI
COMMAND (click the links for more information)PURPOSE
wp cacheManage the object cache
wp capManage user capabilities
wp checksumVerify WordPress core checksums
wp cliReview current WP-CLI info, check for updates, or see defined aliases
wp commentManage comments
wp configManage the wp-config.php file
wp coreDownload, install, update and manage a WordPress install
wp cronManage WP-Cron events and schedules
wp dbPerform basic database operations using credentials stored in wp-config.php
wp evalExecute arbitrary PHP code
wp eval-fileLoad and execute a PHP file
wp exportExport WordPress content to a WXR file
wp helpGet help on WP-CLI, or on a specific command
wp importImport content from a WXR file
wp languageChange language for WordPress
wp mediaImport new attachments or regenerate existing ones
wp menuList, create, assign, and delete menus
wp networkManage multisite
wp optionManage options
wp packageManage WP-CLI packages
wp pluginManage plugins
wp postManage posts
wp post-typeManage post types
wp rewriteManage rewrite rules
wp roleManage user roles
wp scaffoldGenerate code for post types, taxonomies, plugins, child themes, etc.
wp search-replaceSearch/replace strings in the database
wp serverLaunch PHP’s built-in web server for this specific WordPress installation
wp shellInteractive PHP console
wp sidebarManage sidebars
wp sitePerform site-wide operations
wp super-adminManage super admins on WordPress multisite
wp taxonomyManage taxonomies
wp termManage terms
wp themeManage themes
wp transientManage transients
wp userManage users
wp widgetManage sidebar widgets

For helpful information, please see the post WP-CLI Demystified.